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For Corporates

No profiling, still loans in 5 minutes!

SpectaPrime; gives you loans in 5 minutes with no profiling needed. It simply helps you borrow against your financial assets such as Savings, Cash Deposits, Treasury Bills, and other investments for your personal needs or urgent business needs.

These savings and investment will not be depleted but will still earn you some interest.

  • SpectaPrime helps you have savings available for emergencies.
  • SpectaPrime helps you secure a line of credit with your savings or investments if you have seasonal cash flow fluctuations. It gives you low interest rate and there are no demands for your inflow.
  • You can pledge your personal savings or investment to a corporate debt, facilitating approval and lowering the cost of credit.
  • SpectaPrime protects you against rising interest rates.

Get Cash

This option enables you to invest your savings either in NGN, USD, EURO, GBP in fixed deposit with a maximum of one-year investment option and apply for a loan to match the investment tenor.

You can start a new invest or use an existing investment to take a loan for tenor ranging from 7 Days to 1 Year .

It gives you loans of up to 80% of the investment amount with a lower loan interest rate in comparison to conventional rates charged by Banks. For example, for every N100 in your account, you can borrow up to N80.

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Specta Prime is here to give you everything you need to manage your business, build great stuff, and reach your goals.